Massage Therapy Services

In my treatments I use Swedish massage, acupressure, craniosacral, some techniques and combinations I have developed over time, and Reiki.

Swedish massage is done with oil (I use holly oil, with or without lavender oil and essences), works with the circulatory system of the muscles and the whole body, and involves many different applications of varied pressure, strokes and kneading. It is generally slow, rhythmic and deeply relaxing and relieves specific areas of tension and injury.

The acupressure I do uses pairs of acupoints held in a series, specifically for neck and back issues. I can work with any of these techniques individually or in combination.

Craniosacral is a very subtle technique with potent effect. It affects the body, especially head and pelvis, by way of the cerebrospinal fluid and the cranial rhythm.

is also subtle, working with the chi, energy or life force of the whole body. Reiki and craniosacral are very deeply relaxing.

I usually combine whichever techniques seem appropriate during a treatment, along with some I have developed. At times I use a single technique when that seems to fit, or by request.