What should I wear?
Dress comfortably in layers (you may be warm or cool after your treatment). The oil I use is not likely to stain, but if you are wearing ‘good’ clothes (e.g. from work) you may want to bring something casual and comfy for afterward.

Will I need to take my clothes and jewellery off?
Unless your session is only Reiki, craniosacral and/or acupressure, then yes, you will for Swedish massage with oil. You may remain clothed below the waist if I am only working on your back and neck. You may always leave underpants on and only the area I am presently working on will be exposed in the warmed room. The rest of you will be covered with sheet and blanket. If there are any areas you you not comfortable with exposing or being massaged, just let me know.

Can I wear scented products?
Please do your best not to. Even though I use lavender oil in most treatments, I am somewhat sensitive to many scents and many of my clients are more so. I really appreciate your effort in this area.

What kind of techniques do you use?
I work with Swedish massage, what many people think of as traditional massage, oil-based with many applications and strokes. I also use acupressure, craniosacral, some techniques and combinations I have developed over time, and Reiki.

What kind of oil do you use?
For Swedish massage I use high quality oils, holly oil, fir needle oil and essences, unless a client requests otherwise.

Will my medical plan pay for the treatment?
Because I am a registered massage therapist, your extended medical plan (private or through work), should reimburse you for a portion of the cost, usually 80-100%. Check with your plan. You will probably need a doctor’s referral for this, (You don’t need one to see me, with a few exceptions).  I can direct bill Blue Cross for those who qualify through Veteran's Affairs.

Will ICBC pay for my treatments after an accident?
At this time, with your doctor’s and ICBC adjustor’s approval ICBC will pay directly for a portion of your treatment for a limited time after an accident. If you have a lawsuit, speak to your lawyer. Treatment fees are usually included in the settlement.

Will it hurt?
There is so much I can do to vary a treatment there is no need for it to be painful. "No pain, no gain" does not apply!! If you experience any discomfort on the table I ask that you let me know. Sometimes there is a little soreness afterward, especially after the first session. Again, let me know, your body is unique.

How often should I have massage therapy?
This varies. Regular treatments build on and maximize the gains made, both with specific symptoms and general well-being. In the beginning you may find it helpful to come more often, depending on your body's response. Generally speaking a treatment every two to six weeks is very beneficial. You will discover what works best for you.